Genipin Geniposide geniposidic acid crocetin professional manufacturer


Genipin, Geniposide, geniposidic acid, crocetin professional manufacturer--Linchuan Zhixin Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Linchuan) was founded in 2009 in Linchuan district, well known as the home of “Genius” and “Gardenia”, Fuzhou city, Jiangxi Province, China. The core business of the professional high-tech company is in research and development of gardenia processing. With its core members coming from the East China Institute of Technology, Fuzhou city, China and Fudan University, Shanghai, China, the company is fully supported by the Institute of Chemical Biology and Material Science of the universities. The team has been doing research for many years and recently successfully developed a series of products, such as genipin, geniposide, gardenia blue, gardenia yellow, etc., all of which meet or exceed quality standards at home and abroad.

With advanced equipments for extraction and purification of natural products as well as advanced testing equipments, such as high performance liquid chromatography, UV spectrophotometer, etc…, the company has annual capacity of more than 100kg genipin, 1000kg geniposide.

Pursuing “First Class Product, First Class Service”, the young company sincerely welcomes advices and business cooperation from you.